REVIEW: 2014 Trek Remedy 8 27.5/650

Trek Remedy 8 27.5/650b

This is the first year Trek has offered 27.5/650b bikes in their line-up and the Remedy and is one of the models that comes with wheels in this size. The Remedy is considered to be a technical trail bike, and I managed to get my hands on the Trek Remedy 8 from our local Trek dealer, Trail Bicycles, who happened to have a demo bike in my size. Score! And even better, Trail’s owner, Jeff Beeston, makes the bikes “BC-friendly” by swapping out the tires to ones better suited for our conditions and includes a dropper post, which isn’t stock on the Remedy 8.

Fox Evolution w/ DRVC
Fox Evolution rear shock w/ DRCV

After having the suspension dialled in for my weight I set off for the trails which are a short 10-minute drive from Trail Bicycle’s doorstep. At -3 Celsius it was a rather chilly ride as the trails were frozen solid and there was none of the soft loam I was hoping for, but the sun was shining and it was a great excuse to get outside!

Fox Evolution Float 34
Fox Evolution Float 34

The Remedy 8 comes with a Fox Evolution 34 Float with CTD (climb-trail-descend) and 140mm of travel with a Fox Evolution Float with DRCV (Dual Rate Control Valve) and CTD. Both are known for their plush ride however on a cold day like this, they didn’t feel as plush as they normally would. Ah, the joys of winter riding… So I didn’t hold it against the bike since the temperatures were outside of our control. Luckily I had ridden another bike with the same shocks so I had a good idea of how they should feel.

At 5’3″, the 15.5″ frame felt a bit small for me but, for whatever reason, Trek doesn’t manufacture a 16.5″ frame and the jump to the larger 17.5″ frame might have been a bit much. One interesting thing I noted when looking at the geometry was the 15.5″ frame had a higher standover height than the other frame sizes. I have a 29″ inseam and had enough clearance but wouldn’t have wanted any less, something to keep in mind if you have shorter legs and are looking to purchase the 15.5″ frame.

Shimano Triple Ring Crank
Shimano Triple Ring Crank (40/30/22) and Shimano Deore Rear Derailleur

The drivetrain on the Trek Remedy 8 was comprised of Shimano SLX shifters and front derailleur with a Shimano Deore XT rear derailleur. The Remedy 8 also has a 40/30/22 crank. I’m not a fan of triple ring cranks and seeing the 3×10 setup instead of a 2×10 setup on the bike was a disappointment.

Trek Remedy 8 on the trail
Trek Remedy 8 on the trail…

The Remedy 8 went over roots and other technical features easily and handled like a bike with 26″ wheels. I didn’t set any speed records on the climbs but it was still a capable climber and far from feeling like a tank. It rolled well on the descents and was easy to maneuver through tight, technical terrain which is exactly what the Remedy 8 is intended for. And the downhill was definitely fun!

I had hoped to capture some shots of the Trek Remedy 8 in action, but using the timer on the camera and low-light were not a good mix. Instead, I got a series of blurry shots like the one below. Oh well, at least it gives you an idea.

Remedy 8 on roots
Trek Remedy 8 rides well over rooty, technical terrain.

Overall the Trek Remedy 8 is a fun ride and a decently spec’d mid-level trail bike. The suggested retail price is $3,460 US/$3,700 CAD.

Trek Remedy 8

EDIT: The tires we used for the demo are the 2.35 Schwalbe Hans Dampf. I’ve included the photo below to show the clearance on the front.

Tire Clearance
Front view with the 2.35 Schwalbe Hans Dampf. Still ample clearance.

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    • They’re actually the 2.35 Hans Dampf and there was still quite a bit of clearance. I’ve just updated the post to include a photo showing the front, unfortunately I don’t have any photos that really show the clearance on the rear..

    • I’d suggest the 17.5″ frame at your height, but you never know until you try it. You could put a longer stem on the small frame (stock stem is 60mm) as well.

  1. This exact demo bike was so good(I tried several others)I bought a Remedy 9.7 and am very happy with it.And,Trail Bicycle crew is awesome!

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