Showing by author: Anne Henmi

REVIEW: X-Fusion Metric Suspension Fork
Anne puts the X-Fusion Metric Suspension Fork to the test, X-Fusion's newest 36mm fork offering.
Improving Power to Weight Ratios
Anne reflects on her weight loss and breaking through a plateau...
REVIEW: Cane Creek DBInline Shock
Anne reviews the new Cane Creek DBInline. An air shock without a separate reservoir for lower travel bikes.
REVIEW: Spank Spike 777FR “Bearclaw Signature” Handlebar
This year, I started riding and running into some limitations: namely hand fatigue. You'd think it would be height, but that's not it. I'm your average female height at 5'4"/5'5".
Going Back to School
Anne takes a clinic with Lee McCormack to work on her climbing and descending skills.
Dropping In with My Demons
I'm everyone's biggest fan learning to mountain bike, and yet my own demons go unchallenged...
New Years Revolution
Five months after her reduction surgery, Anne reflects on how it's changed her life. For the better!
How to Build Your Custom Mountain Bike
Do you feel it's time to spread your wings and build the perfect bike? Anne shares her personal experience of what it's like to build a bike from scratch.
Is Mountain Biking Right for You?
You've been riding your trusty mountain bike for a year or so now, but how do you know that mountain biking is right for you? Take our quiz and find out!
Anne is making the most of her downtime after her surgery.
Ibis Mojo HD – All-Mountain Riding in a Small Package
Ibis has two versions of their full suspension 26" bikes out: the Mojo SL-R and the Mojo HD for quite some time. The Mojo HD is the "Heavy Duty" version, which can be run in 140mm travel or 160mm travel.
Test Riding with Beatrix
Something was bugging me about my current ride. Ever since I went to Northstar a few weeks ago, my bike didn't feel right.